Friday, September 6, 2019

Why I Study Biology Essay Example for Free

Why I Study Biology Essay Biology is fascinating in itself. It teaches us all the ways of life not just from a mankind perspective but through all living things, whether, human species, plants etc. I personally study biology because I want to discover the creation and functions of all living things in the world. Being a Psychology major means studying the mind and in order to better understand the human mind, you have to know the basics in the ways of life and how to incorporate the science of human nature into why people react to life differently, culture, religion, politics, etc. All of these factors are taken into consideration into Biology. This semester was extremely challenging for me, and there were a lot of factors that contributed to my inability to study as hard as I know I am cable of. Had my first child this year, was abandoned by my son’s father to raise my son by myself. To make matters worse, I had some medical complications with my health. I was diagnosed with a Pulmonary Embolism. This news was devastating to me. I was hospitalize for a long time and was so depressed. With all of my problems at hand I had to go to work and work 40 hours a week just so I could support me and my son. With all of these devastating experiences in my life, studying seemed impossible to accomplish the way I wanted to. I was constantly in and out of the hospital, worried about my health and trying to get well. Today I am still recovering and believing that God will bring me peace and happiness in me and my son’s life. Some things I could have done better in studying would be that I could have taken my studies to work with me and studied on my lunch. I never did this because I only had an hour to get lunch and eat and I always thought that if I did this I would end of being late coming back from lunch. Another thing I believe would have helped me study better this semester is a strong support team. I did not have many people to help me like I needed. If I had someone to assist me while I studied I could have been a lot more successful. Instead I had to study and care for my son and that was difficult. Finally, when I think about my future in continuing with my courses, I know that I have to study even when I am tired. One bad habit that I had was when my son was sound asleep; I would try to get a few hours asleep as well so that I could be rested for work the next day. One thing I could have done to help me be more successful is to push myself just a little harder, and I ultimately believe I did not push myself to the max because I was so concerned about my health and stress was a trigger for me to feel sickly and I was so overwhelmed with everything going on in my life. What I hope to accomplish in the future is to be successful in my studies and to obtain my BA in Psychology and get my master’s as well. I have learned one thing through everything that I have been through. I reasoned with life from this analogy, life is like a game of baseball, anything that life pitches at you, it is you that have to ready to swing at any time. Whether it’s a fast ball, trick ball or curve ball, you have to prepare yourself for victory. If your just focus getting a home run, whether you struggle getting there or not, what matters is that you give your best to win.

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